Law Reading Lists & Book Recommendations

Below is our collection of law reading lists and recommendations for law students in the UK.  The collection features reading lists published by two of the UK's top universities for law (Oxford & Cambridge), and also includes more general peer-to-peer recommendations to assist your LLB or law studies.


Cambridge University's Law Reading List

This university has produced and will continue to produce some of the finest law students in the UK. Having access to their recommended reading lists for law is a powerful tool for any aspiring law student. There are more books in this list to complement your studies which will help you reach your potential within law.

University of Oxford's Reading List for Law Students

Oxford's Balliol College is one of the UK’s top universities for law. Whether you applied or got accepted into another university, this law reading list will benefit any soon-to-be law student looking to apply themselves at the highest level.


The Guardian's Six top Law Books for Law Students

Studying for an LLB or law degree requires great commitment and focus. The Guardian’s Law section asked its readers which books future law students should be reading to prepare themselves for this journey.

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5 Legal Podcasts for Law Students in (2021)

Podcasts blend entertainment with education, enabling a new and often refreshing way to immerse yourself in the legal world.  There is no shortage of fascinating and precedent setting legal activity ongoing, however, many of these can easily go unacknowledged.  View our list of 5 legal podcast to keep you pdated.